"We are surrounded by objects of many scales. Most of these accompany us in a very useful way on our day to day. One way of recognizing them is to splash some shocking color, new textures and unsual scales.

Our search focuses on bringing out the magnificence that and ordinary object possess, not only as a functioning piece, but also as masterpiece with other finishings without losing its most classic use.

To explore and manipulate objects, in order to find a particular use and look for another identity, making the artist hunt through the stablished in an infinite world of existing things and when we disrupt and fragment this entity, this 'Objetuales' look for another type of admiration so wherever they go the......     


'Objetuales' is part of a search, that after an academic education in performing arts, the creation of scenographies, events and the manipulation of different materiales gives Guiomar Gamero the need to find herself in front of pieces that need, in a specific way, to be individualized"